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Dragon Slayers Conquerors of Darkness®
Knights of Light on Commissioned Missions

I've been remiss in thanking my friends @ Stonebriar Community Church & Shadow Mountain Community Church for their patience, support, encouragement & especially God's finishing touchest are executed. I'm truly humbled by & thank HIM for placing us together, HE IS STAGGERINGLY AWESOME!  To Him be all glory & praise!!

"We're playing games, while driving THE TRUTH home" 

Traffic was conceived in 1994, established in 2004, revived in 2014, we're a non-denominational children's/family "ministry of games", based on the Word of God; wholly committed to & having a passion for the "The Great Commission" (Mt. 28:18-20); one of our goals being - the discipling of our children (young & old), families, communities & "the church"; seeking to partner with them in the daily, never-ending quest to solidly & effectively impart Scriptural TRUTHS & values that are vitally necessary for the living of a "More Than Conquerors Life" & equally as valuable for our successful navigation through these dark, slippery, twisted, congested & often confusing ROADS of this "worldly LIE-ph"!

Dragon Slayers Conquerors of Darkness effectively emphasizes the importance of PRAYER - which is a 'two way street' - (us petitioning God, as well as & more importantly, quietly listening to/for God). It encourages reading, studying & even assists in the memorization of His WORD. It solidly teaches, throughout "game play" moral values (training children to make wise choices) & shows how vital prayer is in our living & walking out the Godly Life. Within play, it also becomes apparent, there's a great need for us to "die" to yourselves & put on of the full armor of God daily; showing the significance of all these components, individually, but more importantly - collectively. Attention to ALL is crucial for the development of a personal vibrant relationship with & a reverence for - our Holy, Awesome, Loving God & Father & our Lord & Savior & Jesus Christ.

Although our motto is: "We're playing games, while Driving the TRUTH Home", we find nothing playful about the "highways" on which the majority of society's traveling! It alarms us to see our children doing much more than occasionally, making wrong turns...fact is, some are barreling down those same worldly roads, at record speeds...with their brakes failing!! Because of the board games' mass appeal & it's ability to cleverly & subconciously impart information, we've concluded, it's a perfect VEHICLE with which to drive scriptural TRUTHS home & an 'acceptable weapon', with which to express our "Righteous road rage"! Concurrently, we believe the implementation of ANY (GODLY) means necessary, in order to stop this hideous seduction of our youth, can be considered fair GAME!

Folks! Let's not be blind...our children are ever so cleverly being lured/'schooled' through/by various types of media (paper & electronic), with a myriad of colorful, exciting & attractive wrappings & trappings, dangling the bait via television, computers, handheld devices, social media sites, gaming systems, playing on their need for acceptance & belonging! Why did you know, even some school books, are being books! These masterfully executed seductions lull our children & often us, into contrary, contradictory behaviors, coddling & cosseting to the point of complacency...even apathy! Tragically, we continue to "Play" into the enemies & the world's hands - surprisingly with our 'eyes wide open'!

Traffic Jams Org. is offering a viable alternative, where vibrant face to face, eye to eye, spirited verbal interaction & communication is encouraged; attempting to bring families together, so as to share their thoughts, concerns, joys & pains, as well as, some of the tender experiences of their hearts/LIVES in a very non-threatening way. All the while, quietly imparting God's Word, Character, Love & moral values through game play, using 'life examples', reinforced through repetition...hoping to bring families 'Back to the Table', for spiritual food! Much can be accomplished at the "dinner table".

Sadly, something wonderfully personal was lost with the invention of "video gaming"; we're hoping to recapture it!! Those of us who TRAFFIC in any form of instruction, teaching & 'preaching' (also insert parents here) should consider capitalizing on the fact that most children are radical game enthusiast! Statistics tell us: hours SPENT in 'solitary gaming', phone/texting/computer/tv, far outweighs the collective time INVESTED in quality family interaction, sharing, story telling, reading aloud, casual conversation - just plain enjoying one another! Why sometimes, even outdoor sports & club affiliations are participated in in order to avoid personal contact/connection! Daily we scramble, rushing around, busying ourselves with so much of the "necessary", that we create a type of 'gridlock' in our homes; end of day - we NEGLECT those "things" that are most important! We're tired, exhausted, with no energy or time left to INVEST in our selves, let alone our children! So we choose to "free wheel"! One of our solutions seems to be, let's give them something to entertain themselves, no matter how much the cost (& the cost can be STEEPER than we think) - now...hand us the remote so we can "veg" or catch up on some more "work"! We say, "'tomorrow' ok?", yet another day is not promised you know! Then comes the...Gosh, I'm tired...who has time to crack open the Bible & lead devotions? Why, why...uhhh...we go to church every Sunday! Well - almost every Sunday, well - we go there "alot"!

Considering most of us learn through repetition & more readily so when relaxed or at play, we're hoping you'll see the intrinsic value of the WORD imparted this WAY! We know teaching solid Biblical values to little children, as well as, "older little children" can seem quite imposing at times; we're confident this new approach will take some of the challenges out of doing so; actually, see a VERY promising possibility - board games being used as "jumper cables" (sorta like little roadside SERVICE(s) in a box). Regrettably, over the years, it's been our experience to see HEALTHY INSTRUCTION 'stall out' - oft times before we've ever left the church parking lot! Why-y-y - coupled with our Sunday morning "pit stops" , (where we just IDLE in our pews), it's a wonder we ever TRULY get into gear; LIVING our lives like God intends...out there where the rubber meets the road!! Please know, we're not trying to circumvent Bible reading/study, instead, we're hoping our games will give people a thirst for it, or become a compass, pointing to the WORD, or a GPS, showing children & adults GODLY detours & alternate routes off the world's "Low way" unto the redemptive, restorative, exciting HIGH WAY of the "CHRIST LIFE".'s desire is to help clear the 'highways', & assist disabled "CARS" (insert people here) to get back on the "RIGHTeous road"; in an effort to keep sound instruction CONTINUALLY MOVING & FLOWING (in/through our hearts, minds & lives); So we may be, as JESUS said, "about OUR FATHER'S business".

We're hoping, through the excellent quality & soundness of our products to edify God & gain your trust! We plan to remain consistent - operating with the utmost integrity! Our ultimate goal's to give our youth alternatives to the objectionable violence & gore that's being propagated within our industry, while bringing Glory to Our God and Savior, becoming more like Jesus through spending time with Him in prayer and in His Word (studying to show ourselves approved) and representing our Lord and His Kingdom with grace, integrity, humility & honor & striving, with His guidance to help bridge the gap & fill the tank of an aimless, wayward world, that continues to run on EMPTY!

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Armor: Shield of Faith/Sword of Spirit
Breastplate, Helmet, Belt, Shoes/Sandals of Gospel

Traps N' Treasures & Temptations N' Trials
Our Great Commission - Missions

Dragon Slayer soldier sent by his LORD & KING!

THE MINISTRY - THE MISSION... to point to the CROSS(in the)road, so as to make
'THE WAY' clear & to expand the dimensions of 'Christian teaching/learning', through play - utilizing an 'old friend' in a unique & innovative way! Using 'covert operations' to expose & forestall many of the enemys' dark schemes! Supplying years of strategically gathered ('child friendly') reconnaissance in the form of game boxes!
History's taught us, the collapse of the family, is the ruin of a nation! There's a constant barrage of information, coming from SEVERAL directions, all meant to 'divide'; Divide our nation, our homes, our relations, our hearts, our souls, our minds, "THE BODY"...working through whatever means available! These dark schematic attacks, have many sources; some come from "without" - but sadly, most originate from "within" - insidiously, silently destroying our 'foundations' quietly like termites (going unnoticed) until the damage is overwhelming, many times irreversible.
Why does history...our personal histories, have to CONTINUALLY repeat themselves? Why do we have these tendencies to seek the wrong types of "saviors"? Why's the church looking more & more like the world? The present state of our nation, our communities, our lives, lets us know, there must be some type of enemy (aside from the one who's IN-uh-ME), one who's exceptionally brilliant in the abilities to ensnare & deceive! ["And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. (2 Co 11:14] Remember, at one time, he WAS part of Heaven's hierarchy! ["How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Is 14:12]. If 'sinless man' was deceived - Adam/(Eve), then who are we, right?
My desire is to help shed some LIGHT (on all of this) by providing our children with another way to "conquer the darkness", letting them know - "...(y)our struggle is not against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world & against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms". (Eph 6:12)

Until He comes, let's continue to promote Unity of the Spirit through the bond of Peace, ever admonishing the Body (you & I) to Lovingly support Itself & It's many 'wounded', to consistantly & prayerfully encourage all who continually Stand - remaining Upright, Faithful & Uncompromised on our "front lines"!  (Is 61:1;I Th 5:4-13)

Copyright© 2005-2019 all rights reserved 



Dragon Slayers Conquerors of Darkness® (for ages 5 & up)
  • announces - We're "in active labor" & about to have our 1st "Baby"! Perseverance w/ promise (Hebrews 12:1-3)! Over 5 yrs in the making; 20 in the perfecting!
  • Introduced @ CBA & Pasadena Convention Cntr - by on-air broadcast! Consistently 1 of the busiest vendor booths! Did pre sales from prototype! Asked to produce in other languages!
  • Major toy manufacturers' random marketing workup proclaimed, "could be 2nd to Monopoly in sales w/ just as long a life span"! 
  • "One of the most mathematically perfect pieces of work I've seen" (author of Christian family/relationships books).
  • 'It was my pleasure to work on this project' (artist now working with Disney Studios)

Why so long?'s all is in His timing, both with the work and His "WORKING ON" those who are working on "the work";
 Secondarily, it's about content, quality - but MOST IMPORTANTLY - Biblical accuracy!

As a side note, if you are wondering...we've prayerful examined several offers for financial assistance, as well as free promotion in the past,
but declined, sensing God's "stop signs" within.  We all must be extremely sensitive to God's voice in every aspect of life, especially when
representing Him/His Kingdom, by way of 'printed' information that may be used for teaching & instructing others.

 Initially, when given the 'Vision', there were NO "Christian" games! Today, there's a definitely a place for us!   It's been an uphill struggle of
great magnitude in many ways - yet exposing darkness never comes without intense resistance/much opposition!
DSCD is truly mimetic, as people, as life, "every game play" unique as the one who plays - never playing the same way twice; having an infinite number of ways to be won!
Another inimitable characteristic - game play's as individual as the "conqueror" - giving a brand new dimension to each GAME EXPERIENCE!
TRAFFIC JAMS - Truth Revealed Applied Forestalls Families In Crisis  -  Jesus Atonement My Santification
  • We're confident you'll have years of enjoyment! DSCD's extremely innovative, congruently graceful & timeless in concept!
  •  Conceived in prayer, forged in persistence, designed with the utmost assiduity -
Dragon Slayers Conquerors of Darkness - a board game of superior content & quality!

Appreciate your stopping by!  Your questions & comments are encouraged!!
UPDATE: Week of 9/15/19 - we've had to extend time until full production thank you for hanging in there with us!! 
Creator/Projects Manager



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